Lettuce-Linked E. Coli Outbreak Is the Largest in More Than a Decade

Plus, Chipotle might wait a while before introducing breakfast, and more food news to close out the week

The E. coli outbreak that has been linked to tainted romaine lettuce is now the biggest since 2006, according to the New York Times. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has announced at least 84 people in 19 states have fallen ill. No deaths have been reported, but there have been 42 hospitalizations.
Complete Cookies are becoming an obsession for nutrition-minded eaters.

Union workers for the company that produces marshmallowy Easter candy Peeps scored a courtroom victory when a federal appeals judged ruled the company cannot “unilaterally stop enrolling new employees in a pension without paying a penalty.” Just Born Quality Confections, the maker of Peeps, had been trying to pull the move since 2015.
New Chipotle chief executive officer Brian Niccol recently shared more thoughts on the possibility of breakfast at the struggling burrito chain. It sounds like a new menu of morning food is not Niccol’s first priority.
At long last, stop-motion, claymation classic Chicken Run is getting a sequel. Hopefully Mel Gibson won’t be involved this time.
Pastry chef Duff Goldman, famous for his Food Network series Ace of Cakes, is in the best shape of his life. He owes it all to cycling.
Well here is a cake mold that will give you nightmares.

The @mugaritz test kitchen hides some surprises; born to mold

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Uniqlo has been partnering with McDonald’s on some stylish T-shirts, and in the fashion brand’s home country of Japan, those shirts can be used as coupons at Mickey D’s.
Also in Japan, New Yorker food writer and Eater alum Helen Rosner takes a trip to the world’s largest MSG factory.
Now that the world is learning about rampant sexual harassment and abuse in the dining industry, some parents are worried about letting their teens take summer jobs in restaurants.
With sanctions imposed by the United States affecting Russian imports, McDonald’s locations in the country are switching to homegrown potatoes for their french fries.
After 18 years leading the kitchen at Nahm, a restaurant with London and Bangkok locations that regularly appear on the World’s 50 Best lists, chef David Thompson is departing. Going forward, Thompson plans to “focus on his work exploring and protecting the history and legacy of Thai food.”
Finally, the Tennessee Waffle House where a man recently opened fire and killed three people will donate 100 percent of its profits for the next month to the victims’ families.

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